How It All Started

Our  business was established in 1997 with a name people often confused with a chrome plating business so we decided to change our name to one that really described our work, " UNIQUE CUSTOM CYCLES"

Our whole new Crew Picture coming soon.


UNIQUE CUSTOM CYCLES, INC. specializes in customizing domestic and import motorcycles.  We do service, repairs, bodywork, custom paints, airbrush designs and our custom 3-D fuel tank and fender designs that you can only get at Unique Custom CyclesAmong our satisfied customers are local law enforcement departments to whom we provide service and repair work on a regular basis, law enforcement officers, local firefighters, professionals in the medical and legal field and important individuals like you and I.

The Bike that started it all

The first time we took this bike to a show it won the Best of Show trophy. The show was sponsored by Florida Action Magazine and even the Judges were astonished when we said it was in fact a Kawasaki and not a Harley Davidson Softail.

When you choose our shop to customize your bike, you are sure to get a unique, exciting and exhilarating ride.

"Let us put something exciting between your legs"

Unique Custom Cycles, Inc.   (UCC

 Words To Live By

U nique: remarkable, having no equal in other words, the one and only.

C ustom:  made to order, specializing in making or selling made to order goods.

C ompetitors (as some businesses call us. Meaning we are a threat to them, so they have to attack us.): one that competes, a rivalry between two or more business, FOR US THERE AREN’T ANY, because the customer “ULTIMATE-LY” ends up at Unique Custom Cycles, Inc. (UCC) 

 The search for a motorcycle shop to build or work on your motorcycle is a serious decision.  Make sure to look around and visit local shops.  A serious business keeps regular business hours; they don’t do it as a hobby or part time.  They are open to the public and they will allow you see existing work being done, and they will take time to answer your questions and to explain anything you may not understand.  Meet the person or people that will work on your motorcycle and find out if the business does all the work in house or at least most of the work and that they do not work as an assembly factory and subcontracts the real work out to who knows who.

 Don’t be fooled by advertising alone.  Make sure there latest finished project  rides as good as it looks and that all the money you will spend is well invested in quality parts, fabrication and performance.  A beautiful bike deserves to ride just as good as it looks.  Not ride like a dirt bike trying to imitate a lawnmower.  Because “ULTIMATE-LY”, you’ll end up at Unique Custom Cycles, Inc., where you get specialized attention and service.

 I encourage you to visit us and see for yourself the real way we build ground up fabrications, stretch tanks, rake, lower, custom make parts, etc. and provide specialized service to you.    

To better serve you our shop has 3,800 sq. ft. divided into show room, work areas, our new parts counter where you can purchase your parts for 15% to 20% over dealer cost, and an indoor storage facility. we also work with most insurance companies and are authorized dealers for over 50 distributors of parts and accessories allowing us to give you affordable and prompt service on big jobs and small ones to get you riding in no time.